Message from the Head

Dear Students,
Textile industry, which is one of the most dynamic industry branches of our country's industry, is also a working area that provides the most employment. There is a long history of knowledge and experience in our businesses and educational institutions. As a result of this accumulation, we have an ambitious position as a department in our sector, which has a high production and export potential. We draw our strength from having many years of industry and educational experience. Because we know the needs of the industry very well and accordingly, we try to provide an application-oriented student-oriented education. In addition to the theoretical and practical education they receive, our students increase their competencies by working in various projects in cooperation with the industry.
Nowadays, not only employees' competencies and skills related to their professions, but also their sensitivity to social issues and their cultural background have become a factor in finding jobs. In line with this development, we offer our students opportunities to participate in various social and cultural activities. Our students are asked to participate in a social responsibility project every semester and participate in these activities very eagerly. Besides, they can also participate in many cultural activities through various student communities in our university.
In this way, our graduates are embarked on business life both as equipped in their professions and as young people with social sensitivity and cultural depth. I wish success to all of our former graduates and to our current candidate students who will graduate from now on, and I want to state that we are happy to be there whenever they need, both in their professional and social life.